A relationship of trust between you and Polimmo La Maison!

The Polimmo La Maison team maintains strong links with its customers, and this was again demonstrated during the confinement. Trust is an important value to us.

Polimmo La Maison en pleine relaunch

During the difficult months we all went through, the link between our customers and our team never broke. We remained at your side during the confinement: projects were finalised during this period, and have begun to take shape since the recovery. We have continued to operate remotely, without interrupting ongoing projects, and by starting up new ones. Thanks to the telephone and videoconferencing, customer relations have been maintained and new projects are currently underway.

We'd like to thank all our customers for their confidence!

Many of you were able to talk to us during the lockdown, despite the distance, and let us know how pleased you were.

Thank you all!

An exceptional offer: the Trusted Payment

The confidence you have shown in us has touched us deeply, and it's mutual. We therefore invite you to take advantage of our offer, Trusted Paymentto finance your project.

How does it work? You pay 5% on signature, and 95% on delivery! This is an exclusive payment scheme for building your home in complete confidence. It's a strong commitment, based on mutual trust, that will help to reduce your budget. You avoid paying double rent during the construction period, for your current home and for your future home. So there's no need to release funds.

The result is greater peace of mind, as well as greater savings during the construction of your home.

We're offering this deal until 31 August 2020 only, so don't miss out!



Ask our advisers about Confidence Payment!