All the advantages of Quimper and the surrounding area

Quimper is a very attractive medium-sized town in many respects: economically, tourism-wise, historically... The town and its surrounding area offer many advantages if you are looking to relocate to South Finistère.

Historic centre of QuimperQuimper, a city full of benefits

Quimper, the prefecture of Finistère, has a population of around 60,000. With its historic quarters and lively streets, Quimper is a lively and culturally diverse town. A wide range of sporting (including two swimming pools) and cultural (theatre, cinemas, etc.) facilities are available to local residents, as well as a number of green spaces. The area has a large number of schools and good access to healthcare. A transport network links Quimper to neighbouring towns, so you can take advantage of its shops and services even if you live on the outskirts. Towns such as Plomelin, Pluguffan, Locronan, Briec and Érgué-Gabéric benefit from Quimper's advantages.

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