Building a traditional or contemporary house

Mr and Mrs L. contacted the Polimmo La Maison team in 2019. Owners of a large house in Pont-L'Abbé town centre, with bedrooms and living areas on the 1st floor, they wanted to relieve themselves of the burden of this home, which had become too large. They also needed bedrooms on the ground floor.

From research unsuccessful

Mr and Mrs L. spent several months looking for a house more suited to their requirements in the old house: ground floor bedrooms, large living room, etc. Unfortunately, the search was unsuccessful, and Mr and Mrs L. changed their plans and decided to have a detached house built.

The choice of nine

To bring this new project to fruition, Mr and Mrs L. turned to Polimmo La Maison, a builder of individual homes. Polimmo La Maison's support, from finding a plot of land to handing over the keys, and its relationship of trust with the customer were decisive factors in their choice of builder.

After several discussions and preliminary designs, Polimmo La Maison and Mr and Mrs L agreed on a preliminary design that perfectly matched their needs and budget. The future detached house will be a traditional and contemporary one-storey house measuring 102 m² under the Carrez law.

Now that the house in Pont-L'Abbé has been sold, the contract to build a single-family home has been signed. Work began in Plonéour-Lanvern on 20 July 2020, with delivery scheduled for September 2021.