Building your own home: what administrative procedures are involved?

Building your own home takes a lot of energy! You have to complete the project of a lifetime without forgetting the slightest step or procedure, and very often as a "novice" on the subject!

Your contract with Polimmo La Maison covers the construction of your own home, which includes a number of services administrative proceduresThese include applying for planning permission and taking out non-life insurance.

There are still a few administrative formalities to complete.

The declaration H1

Your new home must be declared to the tax authorities. This is because it is a new build that needs to be declared in order to update the property tax you owe. You have 90 days after completion of the work to submit the works declaration. You must specify certain features of your house: terrace, open kitchen, mezzanine or swimming pool of more than 10m2.

Connection to water

It's best to do this before the work begins. There is no charge for this procedure, which is carried out at the town hall. You'll need to fill in a form and enclose a number of documents, including a copy of your planning permission and a plan of the plot where your house is to be built. Once your application has been approved by the local council, the company responsible for managing the water supply in your municipality can draw up a quotation for the connection.

The commissioning of electricity

To connect your home to the public electricity supply network, simply contact the network operator or your electricity supplier directly. The supplier will then open and commission the meter. To do this, you will need to provide them with a certificate of conformity guaranteeing that the internal installation complies with safety standards.

The opening of the telephone line

To benefit from an Internet connection, you need a telephone line. Your new house has never been connected to a France Télécom line, so you'll need to sign up for one. If you already have an internet subscription, all you need to do is contact your service provider and ask them to open a line, whether for ADSL or fibre optic connection.

Polimmo La Maison will guide you through your house-building project, and can give you all the information you need.