Contemporary homes: adopt this architectural style!

If you want to build your own home and are still looking for the style you want to give it, Polimmo la Maison presents the contemporary style to inspire you!

The architecture contemporary a balance between innovation and comfort

The contemporary home embodies the very essence of modernity and innovation in residential construction. By fusing innovative architectural elements with functional and aesthetic design, it offers a living environment that is both inspiring and practical for its inhabitants. Whether inside or out, the distinctive features of the contemporary home are designed to meet the needs and aspirations of its occupants, while reflecting current trends in style and technology.

The external features of the contemporary house

The contemporary house is distinguished by its distinctive exterior features: clean lines and geometric shapes, the use of modern, sustainable materials and, last but not least, harmonious integration into its surroundings.

Clean lines and geometric shapes

The contemporary house is distinguished by its clean lines, bold geometric shapes and asymmetrical architecture. These elements create a dynamic and visually appealing exterior, while demonstrating an avant-garde approach to design.

Modern, durable materials

The materials used to build a contemporary home are carefully selected for their durability, performance and aesthetic appeal. From glass and steel facades to natural wood cladding and innovative composite materials, every exterior detail is designed to combine style and functionality.

Harmonious integration with the environment

Although resolutely modern, the contemporary house blends harmoniously into its natural surroundings. From the large picture windows offering panoramic views of the surrounding landscape to the landscaped gardens designed to encourage biodiversity, every exterior aspect is designed to create a fluid connection between inside and outside.

Contemporary house T5 118m2

The interior features of the contemporary house

contemporary 112 m² ground floor

What characterises the interior of a contemporary home? Open spaces and plenty of light, a minimalist, uncluttered design and integrated technology!

Open spaces and plenty of light

The interior of a contemporary home is characterised by bright, open spaces that encourage the circulation of natural light and conviviality. Partitions are often minimal or absent, allowing fluidity between the different living areas such as the kitchen, living room and dining room.

A minimalist, uncluttered design

The interior design of a contemporary home is characterised by elegant minimalism. Simple lines, uncluttered materials such as concrete, glass and metal, and neutral, soothing colours create a modern, sophisticated atmosphere.

Integrated technology

Contemporary homes often incorporate advanced home automation systems to control lighting, heating, security and household appliances. This integration of technology enhances the comfort and convenience of residents, while contributing to the energy efficiency of the home.

What are the differences with a modern style ?

The contemporary house has a style rooted in the present, while the modern house is inspired by architectural movements from the 1920s to the 1960s. It has simple geometric shapes, often with a flat roof and many openings to the outside. The contemporary house incorporates the latest construction techniques and design trends. It relies on industrial materials, while not forgetting ecological materials. Its construction complies with the latest regulations, such as RE 2020 for thermal and environmental standards.

Examples of contemporary houses by Polimmo la Maison

Polimmo la Maison can create the contemporary home that's right for you. Discover examples of our contemporary models.

The contemporary single-storey house

With its stone cladding, wide, light-filled windows, black and aluminium joinery and large living room, this single-storey house has all the hallmarks of a contemporary home.

3D illustration of a contemporary single-storey house

A 140 m2 house

Here too, this family home has all the hallmarks of a contemporary home: views over the surrounding countryside, a large open-plan living area with open-plan kitchen, an atypical style...

140m² contemporary house

The contemporary home offers a modern lifestyle
where comfort, aesthetics and innovation come together.
Polimmo la Maison can help you
the ideal made-to-measure contemporary home!