EcoTree - Polimmo: a partnership for the environment

Who is EcoTree?

Based in Brittany, EcoTree specialises in the ecological and economic enhancement of forests and biodiversity.

Created in 2015, EcoTree offers private individuals and companies the opportunity to invest in the creation, maintenance and renewal of forest areas by becoming a tree owner. EcoTree's teams handle all aspects of forest management.

Why this Groupe Polimmo / EcoTree partnership?

With a concern for the environment and a desire to promote biodiversity, the Polimmo Group has joined forces with EcoTree to reduce its own environmental footprint. This partnership promotes the reforestation and upkeep of French forests. The Faouët forest in Morbihan will benefit from these plantations for Polimmo. In this way, the Polimmo Group is reducing its carbon footprint by a sustainable and responsible approach.

A tree planted in a sustainably managed forest absorbs an average of 10 to 30 kg of CO2 per year.

Forests are real carbon sinks. They act as a reservoir that captures atmospheric CO2. In this way, forests help to reduce CO2, one of the main greenhouse gases responsible for global warming.

The partnership principle

For each tFor every plot of land and flat purchased, the Polimmo Group is committed to planting a tree in the Le Faouët forest in Morbihan, in partnership with EcoTree, and to offering it to its customers as a gift.

The Polimmo la Maison team is at your disposal to help you with your construction project. as part of an eco-responsible approach.