How do you choose the right contemporary house with a flat roof?

Flat-roofed homes offer a more contemporary, modern design than more traditional houses with pitched roofs. Their geometric shapes offer many advantages. Polimmo La Maison explains.

A house in flat roofWhat exactly is it?

Flat-roofed houses are becoming increasingly common among new-build homes. They offer contemporary design very popular with new owners. Also known as the cubic house, the flat-roofed house is made up of geometric volumes that can accommodate large openings, such as bay windows, and allow for optimised layout.

Good reasons to build a contemporary house in flat roof ?

T3 89 m² single storey modern wood claddingFirst and foremost, its style. Flat-roofed homes offer a modern, contemporary look. Whether on a wooded plot or in the city, a flat-roofed house is at home anywhere. Its cubic shape makes it possible to install large bay windows, which bring a sense of space and light. a beautiful luminosity inside. Living rooms and garden seem to become one. The natural light that floods in savings on electricity, as well as the flat roof which, thanks to its concrete structure, keeps the house cool in summer and stores heat inside in winter. As the building is less exposed to the wind, energy losses are also reduced.

With a flat roof, interior volume is optimised. Whether on one level or with an upper storey, there is no loss of space under the roof. There are numerous design possibilities, and it's possible to create large living spaces without partitions.

The roof itself offers design options. You can create a terrace, install solar panels or even plant vegetation.

The only problem with a flat roof is maintenance. Without a slope, the natural run-off of rainwater can cause problems if the roof is not as watertight as it should be. That's why the surface needs to be checked and maintained regularly.


A flat-roofed house offers many advantages, both aesthetic and practical. Interested in a flat-roofed house? Polimmo La Maison offers a wide range of original, functional, customisable and adaptable models.

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