Meet Jérémy Jamet, your sales manager

Polimmo La Maison presents Jérémy Jametthe branch's sales manager.

Can you introduce yourself ?

Jérémy, sales manager at Polimmo La Maison for a few months now, after holding an equivalent position for 4 years.

What is your main mission at Polimmo La Maison?

My main mission is to create and market custom-built homes.

And what are the issues of your job?

The challenges of my job are to reassure my customers and support them throughout their project.

What do you think qualities are essential to your job?

The essential qualities for me are listening, technical knowledge, seriousness and empathy. It's vital for me to understand a customer's expectations and to be able to reassure them throughout the project.

What aspects of your job you like the most and why?

What I enjoy most is working with the customer on the construction project, because that's when the link is made between the idea in the customer's head and the actual building of the house.

Have you noticed developments in your profession since you joined Polimmo La Maison, and if so, at what level?

Polimmo La Maison's position as a builder of custom-built single-family homes means that we can take on projects that are a little out of the ordinary, which inevitably brings new challenges, new knowledge and a different positioning from that of a traditional builder.

How do you organise your day-to-day life? a typical day ?

My day-to-day work is punctuated by receiving and advising customers, discussing with my colleagues the various problems that can arise in building houses and talking to the various players in the construction industry.

My mornings are more devoted to administration and studying projects for our customers, and my afternoons are spent visiting sites and meeting customers.

Why did you choose to work for Polimmo La Maison ?

I chose to work for Polimmo La Maison because I saw in them a desire to develop in the right direction while maintaining a high quality of service and a human dimension.

What are strengths de Polimmo The house according to you?

Firstly, customer support, secondly, the quality of the development, and thirdly, control of the land.

What are your main business challenges to date?

My main challenge today would be to make Polimmo La Maison known and recognised in the South Finistère market, and also to be able to provide customers with relevant answers to their questions in a sector that's a bit more complicated these days.

Thanks Jérémy!