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House with extension

Your house no longer meets the needs you had when you bought it: your family has grown, you want to work from home... It's not possible to extend the walls any further and you don't want to move? Our solution: build an extension! Discover all the advantages!

Theoptimisation space

With an extension, there's no need to move: you can optimise the existing space, while adding living space to your home. This gives you the opportunity to reorganise the layout of your rooms.

The personalization

You may not have built the house you bought, and you may not have been able to customise the layout of the rooms. An extension, on the other hand, can be tailor-made to suit your tastes and needs. It's an opportunity to reorganise your interior, whether you need an extra bedroom, an office or a gaming room.

The increase in property value

A well-designed and executed extension can increase the value of your home on the property market, by adding extra floor space and new features to your original dwelling.

The profitability

Building an extension is often less expensive than buying a new house. You can even earn an income from it if you choose to build a studio type living space and rent it out.

A more ecological

Compared with building a new houseAn extension requires fewer resources and produces less waste. So it's a more environmentally-friendly choice.



Improving the comfort

An extension, by providing additional floor space and a new layout for the rooms, improves comfort for the whole family. With more space for everyone, quality of life is improved.

The flexibility

Just because your life is changing doesn't mean your living space shouldn't keep pace! Building an extension allows you to adapt your living space without having to plan a move, and with the benefit of a made-to-measure service.


With the right architect and proper planning, an extension can improve the aesthetics of your home, making it more attractive and welcoming.

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