Your project in 3D with Polimmo La Maison

You want to build a detached house in South Finistère, but you're finding it hard to visualise what your future property will look like based on conventional plans. Polimmo La Maison has the solution to help you.

A software that allows you to project

The Polimmo La Maison team uses house-building software called Cedreo. This high-performance software enables us to show you the preliminary design of your construction, modify the plan together, and take a virtual tour of your project, making it easier for our customers to project themselves into your project.

With Cedreo, you can obtain 3D views of the exterior and interior of your future home. You'll get an idea of the proposed space and possible layouts, thanks to the ultra-realistic views and scenarios we can offer you. By looking ahead, you can put any worries to rest.

A reduced time at every stage of your project

Another advantage of Cedreo is that it saves time. Thanks to its powerful features, the time spent on modifications of all kinds is optimised, and Polimmo La Maison is able to present you with the new preliminary project more quickly.

You have a building project

Have you decided to build your own home? A Polimmo La Maison advisor will meet with you for an initial meeting, during which you will explain your criteria and wishes for your future home. Thanks to Cedreo and the expertise of our team, you can quickly view a 3D presentation of your project. If you accept this presentation, you will keep Polimmo La Maison as your sole contact until you move in.

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