Choosing the right location for your new home in South Finistère

The five essential tips before defining location your new house in South Finistère

You're planning to build a new house in South Finistère and you're wondering where to locate it. The builder Polimmo La Maison has some ideas to help you make the right decision. 

Building in South Finistère: a few criteria to define

Choosing the location of your future home is a vital part of your project. You need to think in the long term and define precisely which needs you can't compromise on and which you can be more flexible about. For example, assess the distance between your home and the places that are essential to your lifestyle: work, town centre, schools, etc. You can then start to list the communes that meet these criteria. 

Polimmo La Maison also advises you to consider the following criteria: 

Services and amenities

What are your day-to-day needs: do you go to the bakery or cinema regularly? Do you have children at school? Is there a doctor's surgery nearby? A host of small, everyday details can determine the location of your future home. 

Means of transport

Depending on your lifestyle, do you need bus routes, a railway station, an airport or convenient access to a dual carriageway? How far would you like to live from a major city, such as Brest or Quimper, and how will you get there?

Technical connections and technologies

Network and ADSL/fibre coverage is sometimes still poor in some areas. If you need a quality internet or mobile phone connection, you should check this criterion in the areas you are interested in. 

Local taxes

You need to factor the amount of council tax and property tax into your budget. These can be high when the price per square metre is low. Find out about the areas that interest you and see if you can afford these additional costs. 

The PLU or local town planning plan

The PLU imposes certain obligations on the municipality (on demarcation or aesthetics, for example), which you will need to take into account when developing your project. Your house will depend on these criteria, and you need to be in agreement with them. 

Choosing the right housebuilder in South Finistère

If you're planning a single-family home in South Finistère, you need to find the housebuilder who's right for you. The role of this professional is to guide you through the whole process, from finding the right plot of land, to drawing up the plans, applying for planning permission and building the house...

The Polimmo La Maison teams are here to listen to you and take charge of your new-build project, providing you with all the technical and administrative information you need. When you build your home in South Finistère with Polimmo La Maison, you're guaranteed quality service, right up to the handover of the keys. 

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