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What are the advantages of choosing a home builder? CCMI

If you're planning to build a house, you want to do so with complete peace of mind. Discover all the advantages of the CCMI (house builder contract), explained by Polimmo La Maison, builder of modern, contemporary and single-storey homes. 

The advantages of opting for a CCMI

Choosing a homebuilder who offers a CCMI (house builder contract) means you have some serious guarantees. That's because 

  • The CCMI is a regulated contractual arrangement, which is also strictly governed by the law of 19 December 1990, and whose provisions are a matter of public policy.
  • You are the project owner, and the CCMI allows you to be in contact with a single point of contact, your builder. This is the case for the entire duration of your project, from the initial outline to handover of the keys, and even beyond.
  • In all cases, you have a cooling-off period that your builder must respect, as stipulated in the CCMI .
  • The CCMI contains compulsory clauses and information that are systematically checked by your lending institution.
  • Once the total price of your project has been established, it is firm and definitive and can no longer be modified during the works.
  • All construction deadlines are met.
  • You benefit from solid guarantees such as the ten-year guarantee, the money-back guarantee and the guarantee of perfect completion (delivery at the agreed price and within the agreed time), as well as damage insurance. The builder you choose will therefore have every interest in using tradespeople with high-quality expertise on your site. 

The CCMI offers excellent guarantees to the future homeowner, which are not necessarily offered by an architect or project manager. 

A project secured by unique guarantees

Polimmo La Maison offers you the guarantee of a secure project, by supporting you throughout the construction process. Our teams select quality partners for their reliability and level of expertise, and bring your project to fruition on schedule. 

Additional guarantees offered by Polimmo La Maison

The CCMI protects you against a number of risks, but Polimmo La Maison also offers other guarantees:

  • Serenity cover: in the event of the death, permanent disability or any other accident affecting one of the spouses, the house will still be built. This cover applies from the date of signature of the building contract, with a maximum cover of €250,000.
  • Security cover: in the event of a serious incident such as accidental death or permanent disability, you will get your deposit back and the building work will be cancelled. This guarantee applies from the date of signature of the building contract (subject to actual payment of the deposit), with a guarantee ceiling of €15,200.
  • Re-sale guarantee: if an unexpected situation forces you to resell your home (divorce, transfer, death, multiple births, etc.), we will reimburse you the difference between the purchase price and your resale price. This guarantee is valid for 5 years from the date of signature of the acceptance report, with a maximum guarantee of €40,000.

These three guarantees are a complete package offered as part of your individual home building contract. Polimmo La Maison is the only builder in France to offer its customers guarantees of this type. 

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