The work you have to pay for when building a new house with Polimmo La Maison

What are the work to be carried out of the owner in a new house? 

You're about to have your house built, whether it's modern, contemporary, traditional or a single-storey building. Once the building work is finished, what work will you have to do yourself, and will you be able to do it yourself? Polimmo La Maison can help. 

CCMI guarantees

There are a number of guarantees available when you choose to have your home built, thanks in particular to the Contrat de construction de maison individuelle, or CCMI. This contract offers fixed guarantees, protecting you against any construction defects in the technical part of the building. This contract offers a real guarantee of seriousness and protection, and is binding on your builder. The CCMI varies from builder to builder, but Polimmo La Maison offers additional security guarantees in the form of the Sécurité, Sérénité, Revente contract. 

Remaining costs for the project owner

You are the builder of your future home. As such, there is still some work to be carried out by you once the house has been handed over. This work cannot be carried out before the handover of the keys, for insurance and safety reasons. However, you are entitled to make an appointment with a professional on site to draw up an estimate or clarify a technical point. 

Examples of work that remains your responsibility under the CCMI : 

  • Floor coverings such as waxed concrete, carpet or tiles. 
  • Paintings or tapestries.
  • Cupboard layout.
  • Installing the kitchen. 

These jobs are well within the reach of non-professionals, so you can take them on if you have the skills. You can always upgrade your skills by taking a course at a DIY store. If you don't feel up to it or don't feel like it, you can call in specialist companies directly. That way you'll avoid a whole host of setbacks and delays to your move. 

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