Plan the layout of your future home in South Finistère with Polimmo La Maison

Define the ideal layout of your future new home in South Finistère

You've decided to launch your project to build a new house in South Finistère, but you're having trouble designing the layout and plans. How should you go about it, and what criteria should you use as a basis? The Polimmo La Maison teams are here to help you, taking into account the many imperative criteria such as the location of your detached house, its surface area, its orientation and the layout and size of the rooms. 

Taking into account the specific characteristics of the site

Don't forget that the design of your future detached house is a long-term project. That's why there are so many factors to take into account, such as the layout of the rooms, their size, and the orientation of the house. Standards are also an important criterion, as they will ensure the safety and longevity of your home.

One of the main constraints, and by no means the least important, not to be overlooked when drawing up plans for your future home is the plot of land. You need to take into account its orientation to determine the location of openings, but also whether it is on a slope and the nature of the soil. The quality of life in your home depends to a large extent on its orientation and layout, so it's essential to enlist the help of construction professionals. 

The layout and distribution of the rooms

To live comfortably in a house, it needs to be functional. There are a few things you can do to influence the layout, such as making sure that the night-time area is separate from the daytime area (living room and kitchen) so that everyone has peace of mind at all times. Think, for example, of separating the children's sleeping area from that of the parents with a shower room or dressing room, and not placing the utilities directly in the kitchen or living room. You should also anticipate how your family will evolve, depending on the age of your children or your own (ground floor or first floor?). Finally, the more storage space you have, the more pleasant and functional your home will be. 

Calling on the expertise of a house builder for your layout

For your house-building project in South Finistère, take advantage of the advice of professionals who will help you create the optimum layout for your future detached house. They will take into account the potential of your plot before drawing up the plans. Technical constraints will be anticipated in order to offer you a tailor-made project that respects your budget, your wishes and your particular criteria. 

You can rely on the teams at Polimmo La Maison to support you throughout your project, right up to the handover of the keys. You'll have a single point of contact. 

Polimmo La Maison, property specialists in southern Brittany, offers you a tailor-made Individual House Construction Contract (CCMI), as well as additional guarantees: 

  • a price agreed together according to your expectations, which does not change because it is fixed when the deed is signed
  • meeting the delivery date
  • the completion guarantee for your home
  • that the services provided comply with the description provided.

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