What are the stages involved in building a house?

House with roof under construction

That's it, you've launched your project to build your own home, you've found your plot of land and work is about to start. What are the main stages in building your future home? Polimmo La Maison explains.

Before construction...

Before laying the first brick in your new houseYou've taken the first steps:

  • you have prepared your budget and obtained your loan
  • you have found a building plot
  • you have applied for planning permission, an integral part of the administrative procedures
  • you have signed your contract to build a single-family home (CCMI)
  • you have had the plans for your home prepared by the builder (Polimmo La Maison, for example)

Everything is now in place to start work! Numerous tradesmen (bricklayers, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, etc.) will be working on your site, and it's your project manager's job to orchestrate everything! At Polimmo La Maison, we organise a technical meeting to fine-tune everything before you start work.

First phase: the structural work

Let's get started! Here are a few milestones for building the exterior of your home.

Building a house: the foundationsPreparing the ground

Your plot of land has been declared suitable for building and is therefore ready to receive your house. You then need to dig the earth and build the foundations, the depth of which is calculated according to the size of the project and the nature of the land...

Servicing the plot

Your plot is connected to mains drainage, electricity and other networks.





Building the walls

The foundations are ready, and your house can start to rise out of the ground! We start with the basement, the backbone of the house, followed by the paving. Next come the load-bearing walls, first for the façade, then for the interior.

The roof

The walls are erected, so the house can be roofed. The structural work ends with the installation of the wooden framework, followed by the roofing of your choice (slate or tiles).

The bulk of the house has been completed, but now it's time to tackle the finishing touches.

The works interiors

First and foremost, you need to insulate your home to protect it from the weather and from intruders.

Openings and insulation

The joinery, i.e. the doors and windows, now needs to be fitted to close off the house so that the interior can be fitted out. Another essential stage before starting the rest of the work is insulating the attic and walls.

Laying the partitions

In general, the partitions are erected at the same time as the insulation, if they are to be insulated. The interior load-bearing walls (or dividing walls) have already been built, so the demarcation and distribution of the different areas of the house is now complete.

Electricity, plumbing and heating

The house now has walls, a roof and doors, but it's not finished yet! A number of craftsmen still have to carry out major work:

  • plumbing: pipes, shower, WC, washbasin, etc. must be installed
  • -electricity: electrical panel, sockets, etc. are installed
  • heating: once the electrician has been called in, the heating engineer installs the boiler, radiators, etc.

The finishing touch: finishing touches !

The house is almost finished, and all that's left is the final touches that will give it its final identity: laying the floor coverings, applying the paint, installing the staircase, the various interior fittings such as the fitted kitchen... and many other details!

The building of a house involves a large number of players and takes place in a number of stages that follow a precise order.

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