Building a single-storey house in Plonéour-Lanvern

Case study - Building a single-storey house in Plonéour-Lanvern

Mrs L. contacted the agency le groupe Polimmo with the aim of buying her first property in Brittany to be closer to her family. A tenant and young retiree in the Paris region, she is looking for peace and quiet and wants to buy a plot of land and build a house.

Initiating the project

Mrs L. would like to build a small single-storey houseShe was looking for a functional house with a small garage and two bedrooms, as well as a plot of land. Her family had already purchased land through the Polimmo group, so she was building on a relationship of trust by entrusting us with the task of realising her project.
An initial meeting is arranged with our client.

Polimmo (Maud MALTRET) would like to show him a plot of land located in the "Le jardin des Lavandières" housing estate, at a place called "Canapé" in the commune of Plonéour-Lanvern. This new development comprising 41 serviced plots and free of builders is located 10 minutes' walk from Pont-L'Abbé town centre.
Mrs L., who doesn't live in the area, has approved this location and is renewing her trust. turnkey project.

Polimmo La Maison is therefore in a position to make a proposal at this first meeting.

Identifying expectations

In early September 2018, a Polimmo - La Maison advisor (Céline CORNEC) met with Mrs L. to discuss her expectations for her future home.

The following criteria were determined: Mrs L. attaches great importance to the shower room and would like it to be fitted with a walk-in shower; she would like a traditional architecture She also wants the house to have a porch entrance, a terrace and a heat pump system for better value for money. Finally, the future house will have to comply with the RT2012 standards.

Creating plans

With this information, the Polimmo - La Maison team can study Mrs L.'s project in depth and draw up the initial plans. Céline CORNEC suggested a meeting in early October 2018 at our agency. Mrs L. can Easily project your future home because we present the plans we have designed using Cedreo 3D software. Thanks to this tool, we are able to present 3D views of the exterior and interior of the house.

This allows them to plan ahead and take ownership of their future property.

Finalising the project

A few days later, at a new meeting, we presented our customer with the changes she had previously requested to the plans, as well as the costing for the project.
Satisfied with the plans and costings, Mrs L. was able to sign her contract with Polimmo - La Maison a few weeks later, with a commitment to deliver in January 2020.

The Polimmo - La Maison team submitted planning permission on 21 December 2018. A meeting to discuss the technical details and choice of flooring was held on 22 January 2019, and work began on 11 March 2019.

A little ahead of schedule, Mrs L. saw her house delivered on 28 November 2019. His project took fifteen months to come to fruition.. Thanks to the relationship of trust that developed between our customer and ourselves, the fact that she didn't live in the region could have been a disadvantage. In the end, it didn't hinder or slow down the smooth running of the project.

If, like Mrs L., you want to make your plans to buy land and build a house a reality, the Polimmo - La Maison team is here to help.

Traditional house Mrs L Traditional house Mrs L

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