Your detached house: the essential steps to take before building

You want to become a homeowner and have your own custom-built house. What steps must you take before starting work? Polimmo La Maison explains.

Financing your project

Financing illustrationIt's the sinews of war! How are you going to finance the construction of your home? You'll need to convince a bank to grant you a mortgage. You therefore need to prepare your loan application carefully, taking into account the price of the land, the price of the house and any ancillary costs.

If you're building a house, you first need to find a plot of land and finance it, then finance the construction of the house as it comes off the ground. Polimmo La Maison can help you find a plot of land if you don't already have one, and then take charge of your building project. Ideally, you should be able to pay for the land with a down payment or negotiate a package loan for the land and the house, rather than taking out two loans (which double the cost of insurance and guarantees).

You then need to work out your budget, not forgetting anything that is not included in the building contract, such as notary fees, mains connections, painting or kitchen equipment...


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Once the budget has been drawn up, the financing has to be found

We advise you to consult your bank, but not just your bank. Use the competition, consult several agencies and don't hesitate to use the services of a broker, who will negotiate the best loan for you.

There are also a number of grants available, such as the Zero rate loanto help you make ends meet.

Illustration of land servicing

Choosing your land

Of course, you want to find a plot of land in an area that you have defined, but there are other criteria to take into account when choosing your plot. For example, you need to think in terms of the long term, as you're likely to be living there for several years! You also need to consider your habits and tastes: if you love to swim, how far is the nearest swimming pool? Is there a doctor or pharmacy nearby? Do you need public transport?

You should also find out about local taxes, but also on the Local Town Planning Scheme.

Finally, make sure that your plot can be serviced, i.e. that it can be connected to networks such as water or electricity.

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Traditionnal house 116 m² (116 m²)Define your ideal home

You dream about it, it's the project of a lifetime: now it's time to design your ideal homeIt's the one that meets all your needs and fits within your budget! Contemporary, single-storey, traditional, modern, it's up to you! The Polimmo La Maison team will work with you to assess the non-negotiable criteria, and then suggest a project for a detached house that meets both your wishes and your budget. We create a 3D representation of your project, so that you can project yourself more easily and ask us for any modifications or adjustments.

The Polimmo La Maison team will be with you until the keys are handed over, and will be available to help you afterwards if necessary.




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