All the advantages of building a new house in South Finistère

Why have a new house built in South Finistère? 

You're thinking of buying a house. There are many advantages to choosing a new home. Polimmo La Maison has many opportunities to offer you in South Finistère, whether you want to live in the house or invest in renting. Find out from Polimmo La Maison all the advantages of building a new house in South Finistère. 

An optimised installation

When you choose to have a new house built, you can be sure of an optimised, personalised layout. Your project is tailor-made to suit your needs and desires. Your home is a reflection of you, and that's reflected in its living comfort. 

Compliance with current standards

Property construction in France is subject to numerous technical and environmental standards. As a result, a new home is better insulated than an old one, and its orientation is determined to optimise the building's energy performance. Recent recommendations require optimal insulation qualities, both soundproofing and thermal insulation. 

Cutting-edge connections

Today's connections for new homes are of the highest quality. In particular, you are more likely to have fibre installed straight away, depending on the area in which you are building. 

Low maintenance costs

When you buy new, the materials are in perfect condition, and the upkeep of the house remains limited. There are no nasty surprises when you move in, such as replacing obsolete or faulty equipment or carrying out emergency work. You can be sure that the equipment you buy meets the latest standards. 

Lower notary fees

For older homes, notaire's fees can range from 7 to 8% of the sale price. In new-build properties, on the other hand, these costs are reduced, to between 2.5 and 3% of the sale price, which already includes VAT. So the impact is less on the total purchase price. 

Exemption from property tax for two years

In many communes, it is possible to be exempt from property tax for two years, provided that the building is your main or secondary home. This exemption applies for the two years following completion of the work on your new home.  

-> more information on property tax on built-up properties

Reduced-rate VAT

When you buy a new-build property, VAT is included in the sale price and amounts to 20% of that price. If you meet certain conditions, your VAT can be reduced to 5.5%. To qualify, your income ceiling must be checked, your property must be located in an ANRU (urban development and renewal) zone, and it must be your principal residence. 

Advantageous loans and credit for new-build properties

There are several forms of assistance available for buying a new-build property. Consider the PTZ (Prêt à Taux Zéro), which is designed to encourage first-time buyers, or the PSLA (Prêt Social Location-accession), which is aimed at households without sufficient personal funds. 

-> More information on the PTZ

Building wealth

It's a well-known fact that property is undoubtedly the safest investment. You're building capital for your family, and for your retirement. What's more, the resale of a property bought new is generally easier and more attractive, because the buyer doesn't have to bother with renovation or energy optimisation work.

Security for 10 years

When you buy a new-build property, you'll enjoy considerable legal protection. There are three guarantees that protect you and make your builder liable:

  • guarantee of perfect completion
  • the two-year guarantee
  • the ten-year guarantee. 

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