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Are you planning to build your new home? To help you organise your project as effectively as possible, find out about the key stages involved in building a new home, so that you're ready to get started. By following Polimmo La Maison's advice, your project will go smoothly and without a hitch. 

The essential steps 

Preparing your budget and financing plan

First and foremost, you need to work out the budget you are going to allocate to your new house building project. To do this, draw up a financing plan. What will your personal contribution be? This amount will determine how much you can borrow from the lender you have chosen. 

You'll have a choice of financing options: Polimmo La Maison can advise you and help you find out about possible grants. Don't forget to include taxes, notary fees, connection fees and any servicing costs in your financing plan...

Choosing a building plot

You need to find a plot of land on which to build your home, on or off a housing estate. The Polimmo La Maison teams can help you by selecting building plots that are serviced and free of builders. You can therefore be sure that the plot complies with current building regulations. You'll also receive advice on the orientation of your future home, as well as on its exposure and all the possible outdoor features. 

Meet your builder

You'll be in contact with a Polimmo La Maison advisor at every stage of your project. You'll have a single point of contact, right from the site visit.

Draw up your preliminary project, plans and costed bids

The preliminary project is drawn up during discussions with your Polimmo La Maison advisor. They will help you determine your priorities for your home. Polimmo La Maison will then provide you with a preliminary project containing the plans and a costed quotation. 

Signing your CCMI

To ensure that your project is completely secure, you sign a contract with Polimmo La Maison for the construction of a single-family home (CCMI). This offers you a number of guarantees to ensure that your construction project runs smoothly, including a guarantee of perfect completion. You are the project owner, and this contract gives you perfect visibility over the progress of the work. 

Submitting your building permit

You should apply as soon as possible, at the town hall. Once your application has been received, it will be processed for two months. Once planning permission has been granted, remember to display it on the building site from start to finish. 

Notarise the deed

You are the official owner of your plot of land once the notarial deed has been ratified. The deed of sale is authenticated. This is when the notary's fees come into play. Then you're just about ready to start work! 

Start work

Once you've got all the paperwork together, you can arrange a technical meeting with Polimmo La Maison, as well as the official opening date of your building site. 

At last, your building work begins, in compliance with the CCMI, and you will be able to monitor its progress. Your Polimmo La Maison advisor will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the work. 

Receive the keys!

Your building site is finished and you're about to receive the keys of your new home. We recommend that you carry out a pre-acceptance visit to check that everything conforms to what was agreed and to check any finishing work that remains to be done. Once the final handover has taken place, the ten-year guarantee, the guarantee of perfect completion and your damage to works guarantee come into force. 

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